Elizabeth Callihan to Luke Nieuwsma

October 10, 2008 


The webcast again enabled scores of people to watch the wedding over the internet from around North America.  We're pleased that so many of you were able to celebrate with us via the internet. Highlights to watch for: the beam of sunlight falling on Elizabeth's face just as the rings are being exchanged; Luke's best man wobbling in a near faint just before he is asked for the ring by the pastor, Elizabeth's youngest brother George disappearing and reappearing in the groomsmen lineup.

Again we thank Benjamin Nieuwsma, Scott Hieronymous, and Bart Budwig for webcasting the wedding.

CLICK HERE here to watch the webcast video of the wedding (you may have to crank your speakers up quite a bit to hear most of the ceremony). If you have trouble viewing the video, email Wes Callihan at

(to download the video, right click the link, then left-click "Save Target As" -- about 80 MB)